2017 Goals and Travel Plans

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2017 Goals

I have to say taking a little break this past week was refreshing and helped give me some clarity. For the past few months, I have felt like I’ve lost myself and what it really is I want to do on Emillion Thoughts. Throughout the month of December, I constantly compared myself to other bloggers. What they were writing, posting, buying and generally how they were living their lives. I was jealous of the ones who were buying houses and traveling around the world. I wanted to be them and tried to change my aesthetic to fit that. However, I am not them, nor will I ever be. I am striving for the unattainable at this point in my blogging career and needed to re-evaluate my perceptions of what it is I really want.

For starters, I love my site. I love to write and take photos. I love sharing ideas and tips. And above all, I love styling looks and having a creative outlet. Those are the reasons I started Emillion Thoughts and the reasons I want to keep it going. Breaking it down into those few simple sentences helped ground my ideas and make my goals seem more realistic. So what are those goals?

Emillion Thoughts 

For my blog, my 2017 goals are to post less with more focused content, write at least once a week about something other than fashion (ex: Book review, packing tips, how-to organize your desk, etc.) and share more over various social media and outlets. I find myself pinning printables or how-tos on Pinterest and so why not make my own? I’ve picked up a few things over the years and think if I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) I could come up with some really great things to share with all of you. As far as posting less, I think this will greatly help my content. Right now, I find myself searching for words to say about a blazer, or sweater. That’s NOT okay with me and something I shouldn’t even be posting. My content will be worthy of a read and I promise I won’t use the words “I love this because. . .” more than twice a post.


In case you don’t know, I am pursuing my second Bachelor’s degree to receive a Middle Childhood Mathematics Certification to be a teacher. For the first time since graduating high school, I am 100% certain that I am on the right path as far as my education is concerned. This is huge for me. I have pursued three other degrees prior to my current one and only finished one of them. I considered this a failure for quite some time, but now believe that all of those “bad” decisions led me to where I am now. If I was supposed to become a teacher three years ago, then I would have. So for my education goals, I want to be as proactive as possible and ask for help when I need it. One of my biggest faults is being able to ask for help. I am incredibly independent and struggle when asking for assistance. I don’t like not knowing how to do things. But, because of this, I severely hindered my learning this past semester. Collaboration is truly a wonderful thing – especially in math and education. 

Personal Life
  • For my personal life, my biggest goal this year is to take care of myself. This is a very broad goal, but I am specifically applying it to eating better, consistently exercising and acquiring a sleeping pattern. I am not an unhealthy person, but I certainly know I am not the healthiest either. I’m lazy in my wellness habits and need to hold myself accountable. Losing weight isn’t a goal for me. Feeling healthier, more energized and toned is what I’m striving for. This is a lifestyle change that I hope to make over the next year. I plan to take it day by day and not be too hard on myself if I don’t drink enough water in a day. 

Something that isn’t so much a goal, but just a life event is that I am welcoming a new member to mine and Piper’s family in a few months… We are getting a puppy! He/She is coming in late Spring and I am already preparing for his/her arrival. I love being a fur mom and am so excited for this addition because I know how much joy our animals bring us. 

2017 Travel Plans

I think one of my favorite parts about the new year is the anticipation of new adventures. When we look back we always say, “Remember in 2013 when we…” We archive trips and events into months and years and so that’s why planning for these once the new year rolls around is so exciting. 2017 is going to be my last year without a full time job and so I want to take advantage of that. Sure, I’ll have summers off, but this year is really my oyster and I’m the shiny, bright pearl. So by month order this is what I have planned/is tentatively planned for the year:

March – Chicago, IL

I really want to spend more time with my brother and his family this year. Especially since my niece is getting bigger every day! She’s already 6 months old and just the sweetest little thing. They live in Michigan and so I’m planning on road tripping it out to them for a few days and then driving down to Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago before and really want to explore the city a bit! Yes, it’ll be cold in March, but so is home so what’s really the difference. I’ll talk more about this soon and would love recommendations. 

May – New York, NY

In addition to living in New York for two years, I’ve visited multiple times because a few of my good friends still live there. I’m going in May, however, to see Hello Dolly! on Broadway with Bette Midler. I love that musical and so does my mom and aunt, so I would love to take them. I’m sure we’ll do some sightseeing while we’re there, as well, but it’ll be a short little trip!

June – Cape Cod, MA

One of my best friends is a nurse and she gets random vacation time throughout the year. She has a worse travel bug than I do, and so I wanted to plan something fun that neither of us has ever been for one of her vacations. This trip is still in the planning stages, but I desperately want to see Cape Cod and thought this would be a perfect beginning of summer trip with my girlfriends!

August – San Francisco, CA & Napa Valley

Another bucket list place that I’ve never been is Napa Valley. My mom and I have gone on a spring break trip every year since I can remember, but this year we won’t be able to because my week off is in the middle of tax season (she runs her own tax business). So, to make up for that, we are planning a trip on or around my birthday in August. I just missed San Francisco and northern California on my California adventure last year and so I really want to go back and see the Golden Gate bridge and taste some wine!

Fall of 2017 – Stowe, VT & Watkins Glen State Park, NY

My favorite season is fall and these two places are amazing when the leaves change. Watkins Glen State Park is located in Central NY and has some of the prettiest waterfalls. It’s about a two and a half hour drive from where I live and after my trip to Letchworth State Park this past fall, I want to hit all of the hidden treasures in my own state. As for Stowe, VT I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about being there in the fall and so I really want to cross this one off my travel list.

I hope the first week of 2017 has been good for all of you and you continue to strive for your goals. Remember that most of the things we want to achieve are marathons, not sprints. We must chip away at them every day to be successful.

xo, Emily

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