Back To School: What’s in my Bag?


Happy Monday, friends! Today is my first day back to school after a short hiatus last year and a wonderfully busy summer. It was a big decision for me to return to school, but I’m so looking forward to starting a second Bachelor’s in education! Most of those who know me know it was just a matter of time before I ended up a teacher and honestly I wish it hadn’t taken me so long. However, I’m here now and that’s all that matters.
Back To School: What's In My Bag

So since I’m starting classes this morning I thought that it would be the perfect time to answer the question: What’s in my bag? Since I commute, I need lots of extra space for my books and CAN’T forget anything when I leave home. I typically bring a tote with my supplies and another bag that I leave in my car throughout the day with extra necessities. 

First things first – my laptop. I just got the new MacBook, which is only 12″ – making it absolutely perfect and so easy to carry in my bag. But because of its size I’m also scared to death that I’m going to break it.. so clearly it has its pros and cons..

Next, I carry two planners with me at all times. One for school work and another for personal appointments and my blogging content schedule. This striped one is so cute! And I also love this and this. I also make sure I have a notebook with me. Not specifically one for homework and class work, but just one for me to jot things down in throughout the day if need be. Back To School: What's In My Bag Back To School: What's In My Bag

I always make sure I have a snack with me. Some of my favorites are almonds, apples and my homemade PB protein muffins. Since I’m on campus for a few hour block every day – and I don’t like to blow money on snacks – I find easy to carry yet healthy food that will keep me satisfied until I get home. DSC_0932

Lastly, I always carry a lipstick, lip stain or moisturizer with me. This Urban Decay lipstick and this butter balm are two of my favorites right now! I can’t get enough of the color. Also, I just bought these Beats by Dr. Dre and let me say if you’re in the market for a pair of headphones these are it! They are so worth the cost and you can get them in amazing colors like rose gold. Does it get any better than that? FYI – for a limited time you can get a free pair of Beats with an eligible Mac, iPhone or iPad purchase!Back To School: What's In My BagBack To School: What's In My Bag

Oh, and of course, I always have my phone with me! How cute is this marble case?? Some other essentials I always have are gum, pens and my glasses.

If it’s your first day back, too, I hope you’re day is full of syllabi and short classes!

xo, Emily

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