Best Cold Weather Boots 2016

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Living in the North East, I’ve grown accustom to boot season. It spans about half the year, from mid-October to mid-April. This may seem like a long stretch of time with cold weather, rain, wind and snow, but us WNYers are used to it. Going through elementary school I had one pair of boots for this entire time period. They were my ‘play in the snow’ boots, my ‘rain boots’ and even my ‘walk to school’ boots. I clomped around in those things for six months out of the year. So when I started making my own fashion choices, I told my mom enough was enough. From then on, I’m pretty sure I still only had one pair of cold weather boots, but I’d be damned if I wore them everyday for half the year.

  1. Now, I wish just one pair of boots could be all of the things I search for:
  2. 1. comfortable
  3. 2. stylish
  4. 3. warm
  5. 4. practical and
  6. 5. non-clompy (I’m making this a thing).
  7. I think I may have found “the one,” but I’ll save that for later. I think my boot obsession started with my first pair of Sperry duck boots I got last year. These ‘Saltwater’ duck boots were the perfect transition boots between fall and winter. They slowly started creeping into my outfits sooner and sooner until I finally broke down and wore them in September. I love them that much! Can’t you just picture crunching through the leaves in these bad boys? 
  8. sperry boots, saltwater boots, saltwater duck boots, sperry saltwater, quilted, duck boots, sperry duck boots, fall fashion,, Emillion Thoughts sperry boots, saltwater boots, saltwater duck boots, sperry saltwater, quilted, duck boots, sperry duck boots, fall fashion,, Emillion ThoughtsMy favorite duck boots, next to Sperry, are the traditional Bean Boots. I originally got these to contrast my Sperry boots and add a little cognac to my fall feet wardrobe. I learned quickly they were so much more than a super white girl trend. These boots check off so many of my required cold weather boots criteria: comfortable, practical, non-clompy and stylish. My only downfall with these boots is that they’re not very warm. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my cold, wet foot this past March while in Yosemite. (Read about that here). Okay, so they’re not supposed to be hiking boots, but I’d like the option.

best cold weather boots 2016, duck boots, LL Bean boots,, Emillion Thoughts

bean boots, LL Bean boots, duck boots, fall fashion, best cold weather boots 2016,, Emillion Thoughts

Next, are the one, the only Hunters. I have two pair of Hunters in two different styles that both have their pros and cons. First up are the Hunter ‘Original Tall’ rain boots. I have these in hunter green (how appropriate) and really want them in black, as well. I’ve been wearing these boots to death recently with all of the rain we’ve been getting. This time of year, though, they pair with so much. I can throw them on casually with leggings and an oversized sweater. Or dress them up a bit with jeans, a plaid tunic and cable knit sweater. You may think because these are rubber, they won’t be the best cold weather boots. However, if you grab these comfy, cozy boot socks, any Hunter ‘Original Tall’ automatically turns into a fleece blanket for your feet. These socks are also available in cable knit and cardigan knit

Hunter boots, hunter green, best cold weather boots 2016, ootd, fall fashion, hunter original tall,, Emillion ThoughtsHunter boots, original tall hunter boots, green hunter boots, hunter green, best cold weather boots 2016, fall fashion,, Emillion ThoughtsThe other pair of Hunters I own are the ‘Huntress’ gloss rain boots. I have them in hunter red (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose) and they’re currently on sale here. The ‘Huntress’ style hits lower on the leg than the ‘Original Tall’ and has a wider calf circumference. It’s also unfortunate that there aren’t boot socks available for this style. So I can’t check off warm or non-clompy for these guys. 

Hunter boots, red Hunter boots, Huntress boots, rain boots, best cold weather boots 2016, ootd, fall fashion,, Emillion Thoughts

Hunter boots, Huntress hunter boots, red hunter boots, glossy red, best cold weather boots 2016, fall fashion,, Emillion ThoughtsFinally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The only cold weather boots that hit all of my criteria are… the Sorel ‘Joan of Arc’ boots. I was debating between the colors Elk and Quarry, but ended up going with Elk. I felt that those were more traditional and would fit better with my winter wardrobe. These boots are going to be perfect for shoveling my car out of the driveway in January. I’m already looking forward to how stylish I’ll be with that shovel in hand… But honestly, these boots are the whole package: stylish, comfortable, hella warm, practical and, despite their size, non-clompy. I think I’m going to get some different laces for them, too, so I can interchange them all season long to freshen up their (probably) daily wear.

Sorel Joan of Arc, winter boots, best cold weather boots 2016, Sorel, fur lined boots,, Emillion Thoughts

Coming up with honorable mention are a few of my favorite pairs of Uggs. Up North, I have to be careful wearing these boots with all of the snow, salt and slush on the roads. I typically spray them every fall with this. It makes them waterproof and stain resistant. So far, the repellent has worked really well so I would highly recommend. I have these Uggs in black, but these are my favorite (I have them in gray). I’m also currently coveting these ones. They may or may not be in my cart… I think I need a pair of Chestnut Uggs, don’t you?

Ugg boots, tall Uggs, gray, comfortable, fall fashion, best cold weather boots 2016,, Emillion Thoughts

I hope you all enjoy your weekends! I’m looking forward to a relaxing few days full of lots of homework and a little shopping. I’m already looking forward to some holiday content and can’t wait to share! 

xo, Emily

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