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Anyone on the hunt for Hunter Boots (pun intended)? I searched the Internet high and low looking for someone to tell me exactly what pair I should get.  There are a lot of options for Hunter Boots with a lot of different options for colors as well, but if you’re trying to decide between the Original Tall and Huntress, like I finally narrowed it down to, I have some insight.

The Huntress Hunter Boots are 2 inches shorter than the original tall and 2 inches wider around the calf.  When trying the different styles on, I liked these because they had a straighter cut making them fuller around the ankle. This is ideal for the fall and winter when I shove my big cozy sock-clad foot into them.

Although a huge plus, a negative for me is the height.  2 inches doesn’t sound like much, but instead of going up to my knee, like the Original Tall Hunter Boots, they fall in an unusual spot between my knee and mid-calf.

The Original Tall Hunter Boots come right up to the knee and fit more snugly.  They have a more angular cut with the area around the calf being just a bit bigger than the area around the ankle.  I liked the height of these, but the downfall was the width of the calf.  The size 9 fit me, but I knew as soon as I put the Hunter Boot sock or any of my big heavy socks on they would become uncomfortable.

After narrowing down my options and pitting these two styles against each other, I decided to go with the Huntress Hunter Boots {featured in the photos above}.  Both options come in a variety of colors to fit a variety of preferences!  I fell in love with the Pillarbox Red and am so excited that they fit into my wardrobe for every season!

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