From Where I Stand – Memorial Day

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I’ve been a bad blogger this past week.  With school ending and moving, unfortunately my blog has taken the back burner.  I’m here for the summer, though, and I’m so excited to share some new exciting outfits/recipes/stories!

Since Monday’s are From Where I Stand days, and today is a special Monday, I thought I would talk a bit about why we celebrate today.  Memorial Day is a day known for barbecues and beach getaways and parades.  My little hometown has it’s own parade that heads right through the middle of town at 10 a.m.  It’s so small, that most people watch it at least twice before it finishes in our cemetery for a military personnel service.  I love our tradition, and I believe that most of my fellow townies respect why it is we do this.  Sometimes, though, I think we all get lost in the hustle and bustle and don’t appreciate what a wonderful place we live in and why we have it as good as we do.

I don’t personally know many people who have fought in a war, or are currently enlisted, but I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for those who put their lives on the line for my life and my freedom.  I’m as emotional as they come and I can’t help but get hysterical when I see a homecoming video of a soldier surprising their elementary-aged child, their pregnant wife, or family after being overseas.

So, because of all of this, today I want to thank everyone who has made a sacrifice for our country.  Every man and woman who has willingly left their families to fight for my freedom.  Every family who has had to say goodbye one too many times to their loved ones praying everyday that they’ll come home again.  Every community that supports their soldiers abroad and takes care of the people they leave behind.  Every soldier that comes home injured, suffering and different than how they left, I thank the hospitals and doctors and support systems that make efforts everyday to change that.  And lastly, to every soldier who doesn’t come home, I thank you for the greatest gift you were awarded, life, and for giving that up without question or resistance.  I am not ignorant nor naive to how I fortunate I am for the life I live.  I hope that every single American on this day and every day feels the gravity of our servicemen’s situation and thanks them any way they can.

Now, because I had to work this morning, I didn’t get to catch my town’s parade (even once), but that didn’t stop me from wearing my red, white and blue and thanking those service men and women I do know.  From where I stand today, I see a beautiful life that I owe to more people than I can name and unfortunately a greater amount of rain that I was anticipating.

Happy Memorial Day!

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