Gift Guide 2016 – Stocking Stuffers

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Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

Now that December is here, our days for Christmas shopping are numbered. I love this list of stocking stuffers I’ve compiled and honestly would take any and all of them, please and thank you. I have a few of the pieces I’ve linked, like this watch and this mascara, which I highly recommend! 

While I was putting this list of stocking stuffers together I kept finding things I wanted. I might have ordered this makeup bag that I included because it describes me perfectly. I don’t know when I’ll use it besides around the holidays, but I loved it too much not to buy it! Also, if you’re looking for smaller, more affordable gifts then check out this gift guide of gifts under $50 that I did last month.

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  1. 1. Drop Earrings:
  2. I just bought these in white and I LOVE them. The gold is so fabulous and I’m about to put myself on the waitlist so I can grab these beauties for the end of the holiday season.
  3. 2. Travel Coffee Mug:
  4. I have my tried and true Keurig travel mug that I love, but I might consider letting this one join the family. I mean, it’s gold and has a sarcastic comment on it – what more do you really need?
  5. 3. Coasters:
  6. I’ve had these on my wish list for a while now. They’re definitely the perfect gift for your friends or family who love to host or are always redecorating!
  7. 4. Candle:
  8. I’m convinced that this is the best scented candle in the world. It mixes all of the best holiday scents into one, which sounds awful, but it’s oh so delicious 🙂
  9. 5. Sweatshirt:
  10. May I interest you in a pun? I think I need pretty much any clothing or objects that are punny or sarcastic. This sweatshirt cracks me up and it would be a great gift for the pizza lover in your life. (We all have one.)
  11. 6. Socks:
  12. These are the comfiest socks ever! My mom always stuffs my stocking with socks for Christmas and these are one of my favorite pairs. 
  13. 7. Luggage Tag:
  14. I just bought this in a different pattern! This is such an inexpensive gift (only $8) and, of course, useful for any avid traveller in your life!
  15. 8. Earmuffs:
  16. A great under $25 gift! Who couldn’t use a pair of plaid earmuffs?
  17. 9. Eye Mask:
  18. Again, sarcastic comment. This comes in five colors and patterns, but the one I’ve linked is my favorite!
  19. 10. Brush Set:
  20. This is a really inexpensive, but great quality makeup brush set. I love It Cosmetics and want to try these brushes so badly! I think Christmas is the perfect time to treat myself and grab these.
  21. 11. Mascara:
  22. I LOVE this mascara. It is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used and helps to lengthen my lashes. It’s a decent price point for the quality and is the perfect size for a stocking!
  23. 12. Makeup Bag:
  24. I. Love. This. Bag. I just found this while making this gift guide and had to order it. I’m pretty sure someone wrote this with me in mind and I’m so happy that they know me so well… I love the smaller size and, of course, the plaid! I would browse this site for other inexpensive gifts, too, because it’s chock full of them!
  25. 13. Watch:
  26. This is a pricier stocking stuffer, but so worth it. I just ordered this for myself and love the square frame. It’s currently 40% off so now’s the time to grab it if you want to give it as a gift!

I’ll be doing at least one more gift guide before Christmas with gifts for all the guys in your life! Keep scrolling to see my purchases this past weekend for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I didn’t go too crazy, but I scored some great deals and got a few people crossed off my shopping list!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Purchases


One-piece swim suit (again, for my vacation!)

I hope you find some inspiration from all of my shopping recently. I love to share my ideas and finds! Have a great weekend, friends! 

xo, Emily

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