Gift Guide for Mom

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Gift Guide for Mom

I’m so sad that this is my last gift guide of 2016. (Unless of course there’s something really spectacular I find in the next week). Most stores stop being able to deliver packages before Christmas with standard shipping in the next few days. After this it means you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for the possibility of getting something by December 24, which most of the time just isn’t worth it to me!

  1. This gift guide is for one of the most special ladies in your life, your mom. I kept my mom in mind while making this, but know that all moms don’t have the same interests nor do they all like the same things. There’s a good variation of ideas so if you’re still shopping, I hope this can inspire you!
  2. Gift guide by Emillion Thoughts // gift guide for mom, what to get mom for Christmas, gift ideas, gifts for the holidays, holidays 2016, gifts for mom, gifts for her, beauty gifts, organization gifts, gifts for the homebody1.Things To Do Book
  3. I love this planner/notebook as a way to keep organized. I think it’s a great gift for the mom who is constantly on the run and needs to keep track of all of her to-do lists.
  4. 2. Slippers
  5. My mom loves slippers, especially with hard bottoms in case she needs to run outside quickly. These ones by UGG are so incredibly soft and hold up to wear and tear. 
  6. 3. Blanket
  7. Another wonderfully soft creation by UGG. This throw comes in five other colors and patterns, which makes it so easy to get something that fits perfectly into your mom’s life. 
  8. 4. Weekender
  9. I want this weekend for myself, tbh. I love the size of this and it looks so expensive even though it’s less than $70! 
  10. 5. Monogram
  11. I automatically believe that everything monogrammed or personalized make the best gifts. I love getting things that were clearly bought or made with me in mind. It makes the present that much more special! And these necklaces from BaubleBar comes in so many sizes and metals.
  12. 6. Mittens
  13. My mom prefers mittens over gloves and she definitely needs them to clean off her car with all of the snow we get!
  14. 7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book
  15. My mom and I both love Harry Potter! I actually already bought this book, and we’re going to take it on vacation with us to read it!
  16. 8. GlamBox Jewelry Organizer
  17. I heard of GlamBox from one of my favorite bloggers, Katey, from Chronicles of Frivolity. She is a brand ambassador for them and talks so highly of their products. I think they’re great gift ideas and so perfect for the organizer in your life!
  18. 9. FitBit
  19. I have yet to get a fitness tracker for myself, but this FitBit one comes highly recommended. If your mom is a fitness junkie then this is a great gift for her!
  20. 10. Recipe Box
  21. There is lots of baking going on in my house and my mom would love a way to organize all of her recipes. Plus, the box is so cute!
  22. 11. Kiehl’s Kit
  23. This is honeslty great for any mom and it’s only $30!
  24. 12. Essie Holiday Pack
  25. I love all of the colors in this nail kit and even though it’s a “holiday pack” I think they can be used throughout the winter. 
  26. 13. KitchenAid Mixer
  27. My mom loves this mixer (she even has it in this color) and it’s a great gift. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s so worth it because you’ll never have to buy another mixer again.
  28. 14. Book Stand
  29. I love that this can be personalized. It comes in a natural wood color, as well, and is great for ipads, cook books and other recipes that are easier to read while standing. 

I hope all of your shopping is almost complete and you’re really just looking for extra little gifts at this point! A new post will go live on Monday while I’m Cancun bound! Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (e_nichols) to see all of my tropical holiday vacation fun!

xo, Emily

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