TULA Discovery Kit Review


TULA discovery kitI recently purchased the discovery kit by TULA and am so glad that I did. I had heard such great things about their skin care products and was running low on the face wash and moisturizer I typically use. I really love trying new skin care items and had yet to find something that kept my oiliness at bay throughout the day without drying out my skin completely. My mix of a salicylic acid based face wash and an SPF moisturizer was working okay – and with the help of powder – was keeping my face relatively oil free. However, I wasn’t super keen on re-applying powder every few hours nor wiping my face with oil strips (even though they work wonders). I knew I had to change my skin care routine from the very first thing I put on my skin in the morning and work my way up from there.TULA discovery kit TULA discovery kit

So, back to why I’ve written this post. I had seen TULA products on a few other blogs I read and decided to see what they were all about. After I read the ‘TULA technology’ page on their site I learned exactly what they were trying to accomplish with their products and why it would work for me… or at least why I should give it a try. And I am SO happy that I did!

I received the discovery kit in late April and immediately started using it. The kit comes with a purifying face cleanser, hydrating day and night cream, illuminating face serum and an eye cream. It is made for first-timers like me who want to try the whole line without having to buy the full size products. By reading here you can find out how and when to use all of the products included in the discovery kit. 

TULA discovery kit TULA discovery kitI use them both morning and night and love how soft and clean my skin feels after it’s washed. I’m on week four of using these products and absolutely see a difference in my skin. I don’t struggle too horribly with acne, but have noticed any breakouts I do get to be short lived. Also, the oiliness of my skin has seriously diminished even sans powder and oil strips. TULA discovery kit TULA discovery kit

The real test of these products will be once summer comes along and I am working and sweating in the heat! So far, so good, though, and I highly recommend all four of the products in the discovery kit to anyone who wants their skin to feel hydrated, clean and soft!xo, Emily

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