Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bar


Happy hump day, friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with love, flowers and lots of chocolate. I know mine was! Around Christmastime, my mom bought a ton of melting chocolate that we never used and so I thought, what better holiday to eat it on other than Valentine’s Day? 

I love making holiday themed goodies (as you can tell from my Valentine’s Day sugar cookie post) and so was super excited to set up a regular old smorgasbord. I bought fresh strawberries, marshmallows, maraschino cherries, pretzel rods, potato chips and made rice krispie treats with pretty pink and red sprinkles!

Chocolate covered strawberries are seriously one of my favorite chocolate covered foods. All are good, let’s be real, but strawberries are the best. I know I can make and eat this sweet treat whenever I want to, but there is something special and festive about eating them on Valentine’s Day that makes them taste so much better. Am I right?

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

I also love eating chocolate covered pretzels when I need to cure my sweet and salty tooth (that’s a thing, right?). I added some cute Valentine’s sprinkles to the white chocolate ones to be extra festive! It’s always so much more satisfying and tasty when you can make these kinds of treats yourself. Yes, it’s a bit more time consuming than buying them in the store, but so much more fun! I love being creative and have just recently started expanding my creativity to my food. It was relaxing to sit and dip all these yummy foods and even better to eat them!

Chocolate Bar

I went a little overboard on the dipping and am still snacking… don’t judge me. I highly suggest setting up your own chocolate bar the next time you want a sweet treat or feel like getting creative with your desserts! It is so worth it!

Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar

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